Our photography style is simple and clean. We make every attempt to shoot with the beauty of natural light and deliver photographs that are timeless and fill your mind with memories. We also try to capture the spirit of the session as well. Family portraits are a must but we also want to get those natural smiles and moments for you as well. Hugs, kisses, kids laughing and playing are just some of those times that are wonderful to capture as well as the necessary shots. For some, this part is tough…try not to coach your kids to “SMILE!” This works less than 99% of the time and the results are clinched teeth and fake smiles that no one is happy with. We have three children, all boys, of our own so we have lots of patience and keep our sessions fun and light hearted…the smiles will come. Also, for our own personal photos, we don’t rely on over photoshopped images or effects that are trendy, as those tastes come and go very quickly. So, we don’t do that for our professional work either. We want you to have photos that five, ten, fifty years from now will look awesome.  That’s not to say that we won’t fix the unfortunate day of skin blemish or crazy strand of hair…of course we will…but we want the photos to look like “you” and not with plastic, fake skin. Rest assured, your photos will be developed with great care so that we and you can be proud to display them to the whole world. Take a look at our Portfolio page to see our work and get great examples of what you can expect.


I love doing our videos for our clients. We have so many personal videos of our family, as you can see on our “Videos” page, and they are there for a reason. The story that can be told, the feelings that can be shared…video makes this possible. We present our videos in a “highlight” fashion instead of just providing boring full length scenes. We want to capture the feeling of your wedding day, your  family outing, your special event, in a way that you’ll watch it over and over and over again.