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My name is Joel Green, and together with my wife Lenka, we are proud to offer you our professional services.
I'm originally from Buffalo, New York and my lovely wife is from the small town of Opava in the Czech Republic, although she lived in the Capital of Prague for many years. Being together for over 10 years now has been a blessing and has allowed us the wonderful opportunity to bring our three awesome boys into the world. We are a very active family with a strong love for the arts:photography; we love it to our core. Capturing amazing moments with the camera is a fantastic thrill, and to have those moments last forever through photography is truly something magical. We've been providing wonderful photography and videography services for over 8 years. With multiple National Championships as the highlights of our accolades, we've also been providing DJ Services and professional dance instruction and performances for over 15 years!
This website is dedicated to our work but also our passions. We love what we do but more importantly, it's the way we do it that makes it great...with a fun and a light-hearted attitude.
So, for couples, families, or businesses looking for professional photography, videography, DJ, dance performance and instruction, for your private or corporate event, we're here for you. We take pride in delivering to you, not only the most professional, but the most entertaining experience available. Feel free to contact us about any and all of our available services. 

For us, photography is about capturing who you are as a a couple...and as a family. Some of the greatest photos that we've ever taken, are simple ones that make us remember, and fill us with feeling. 🙂